How do video game graphics differ from video animation?

Most people usually think that video animation and game
graphics are the same but that is not true. Although the same principles and
tools are usually used in both mediums, the techniques and processes differ greatly.
So how do video game graphics differ from video animation? In this article, we
are going to explain to you how the process of creating video animation differs
from that of creating video game graphics.

1. Difference in angle of view

In video animation, the animator responsibility is animating
what they want the audience to see. This means that the animator only has to
think about one single camera angle at one single time. When you are watching your
favorite movie, when you click the play button, you cannot rotate around to view
the whole set. This means that you will only be limited to look at what is shown
on the camera. This factor alone allows the animator to cheat in different ways because
he/she know that the movie will be seen from one angle. All that matters in
animator movies is that a shot must look good from one angle. However that is
not the case with video game graphics. This is because video game graphics
allows you to see what is happening behind the scenes. This means that video
game graphics needs to look great from all angles. For instance, when the third
player rotate the camera, they will actually see you walking from a new angle. The
third party player will see you, revealing things that video animation will
not. As a result video game graphics developers need to ensure that the
animation look good from all angles. For example, when implementing principle of
arc in video game graphics, you need to ensure that the character is actually following
smooth arc motion so that it can be viewed from many camera angle.

2. Difference in control

Shooting animation moves has one main challenge. The challenge
is that audience have no control over what is happening. If audience were given
the chance to see behind the scene, they will get a clear picture of what was really
happening. They will see different things including the director, lighting among
many others that happened behind the scene. However, because of the fact
that the audience are not in control of the camera means that they will not view
whole production crew. However, that is not the case with video game graphics. In
video game graphics, you will actually have total control of the game meaning
that you will control the camera and the character. You will be the one who will
determine how your character will move and how the story will end.

3. Difference in timing

Video game graphics is usually exposed to many types of
animation when compared to what is usually found on movie animation. For instance,
video game graphics requires you to create different animations for giants, fantasy,
scripted events among many others. If you love playing video games, then you know
that is very frustrating to be caught up in gun fire and suddenly you are forced
to reload because you have run out of ammunition. That alone can result to
your death. That is why timing is very important in video game graphics.


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